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Frequently Asked Questions

Is boating experience necessary?

Nope! No boating experience or training is necessary to captain our boats. ​

How many people can each boat hold? 

Our Quietude boat are rated for 1 - 4 passengers or up to 928 lbs. 

Our Fantail boats are rated for up to 10 passengers or up to 1728 lbs.  Although 10 people may fit, we think that 6 people is the most comfortable number for these boats (we like our elbow room). 

Please consider the weight capacities when booking your excursion - if you want the maximum number of people in a boat plus a cooler full of food and drinks, it could easily put you over capacity - not to mention takes up someone's leg room! 

Can I bring food and drinks with me?

Absolutely! We recommend bringing a cooler with your favorite drinks and snacks to enjoy for your rental period. There is no restriction on open containers while on board the boat. There are many great local restaurants and markets to choose from. Check out our recommendations here!

Are the boats easy to drive? 

Yes! Our boats are very easy to operate, about as easy as driving a golf cart and cruise at about 7mph. The only requirement is the driver must be 25 years of age or older and possess a valid drivers license.

Can I go swimming?

At this time we do not condone anchoring or swimming off of our boats. We are working to acquire swim ladders so this can be done safely, so stay tuned!

What is your pet policy?

Make no mistake - we love animals! However, pets are not allowed on our boats in order to keep them in the best condition possible. 

It's supposed to rain during my reservation...

Rainy days on the river can still be beautiful! Thanks to the canopy, you'll be able to stay dry during your ride. Because of this, we do not consider rain to be a reason for cancellation. For more information on inclement weather and cancellations, see "What is the cancellation policy".

What is the cancelation policy?

48 hours before: full refund, no penalty. 

24 hours before: 50% return or customer can pick a different day (excluding holidays/weekend etc)

Less than 24 hours before: no refund. 


Inclement weather:

Unpredictable New England weather creates situations where customers may be able, or even required to cancel or reschedule their voyage. Situations where customers trips will be cancelled can include: Lightning, Rain heavy enough to impact visibility, Wind gusty enough to impact control of the vessel  and all coast guard emergency situations. 

Do you provide life jackets?

Yes! Per USCG regulations we provide life jackets for the maximum number of passengers provided. To best suit your experience we offer two types of life jackets - one that meet USCG regulations for emergencies and ones that meet regulation but are more comfortable for longer wear. These life jackets are great for passengers that would prefer to wear a jacket for the duration of their excursion

We have limited life jackets for children - if possible, please bring your own or inquire ahead of time to make sure we can accommodate your child's sizing.

Can I get a tour guide?

Yes! If cruising with someone there to assist you is of interest, we offer the option of a Tour Guide to join you on the river. That way friends or family can enjoy the Electric Boat excursion with someone to share landmarks and history about the river and assist in boat handling.  Send us a message  or call to inquire about details, availability and pricing. 

Are the excursions handicap accessible?

Unfortunately, no. The Saco River is tidal and the ramps leading to the boats vary in inclincation based on the tide. More often then not, their grade do not meet ADA compliance. We also lack the proper equipment to transfer people into the boat who require such assistance. 

I want to go on a boat but I don't want an electric boat. Are there other options?

Lucky for you, there is! We have a beautiful 40' sailboat that is available for charter sails. Head over to Saco River Sailing for rates and cruise offerings! Doesn't a sunset sail off the coast of Biddeford sound magical?

I have a specific question that isn't listed here...who can I contact?

We are happy to provide any information needed for your experience with Maine Electric Boat Co. an excellent experience - please visit the 'Contact Us' page on this site and write us a note. Someone will follow up with you!

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